OVNS Brought ON-s Technology to IECIE 2019 Shanghai

The big vape event IECIE 2019 was held from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1 in Shanghai. OVNS brought the innovative ON-s dual heating technology to the expo and attracted huge attention by industry media and customers.


It’s the time of pod system, many vapers like exquisite, stealth vape device to carry. On the other hand, we’d like to reserve the flavor taste of the big atomizer.

Now OVNS proposed a solution – The ON-s Dual Heating Wire Structure.


We collect as many cotton materials from all over the world as we can,  compared and analyzed their different processing characteristics. Plus matched different heating materials, the resistance and power of different distribution ratios. Finally, we’ve found the best structure and match up for both regular e-juice and salt-based e-liquid.

Through this unique heating elements structure technology, OVNS found the best balance between leakage, burnt heat, and absorption. This technology was officially named “On-s” vaporizing technology, which means “open” the original taste of the liquid, it’s also the foundation of product concept “True flavour, Real Taste”.


This technology was been adopted in our new flagship product – The Saber II pod starter kit.

In this vape expo, many end-users including customers, distributors, brand owners came to our booth and took a shoot, all feedback on this tech was pretty good. “It is indeed different from other products on the market”, many users said after tried our brand-new Saber II starter kit.


Now this item gonna be available on our partner online stores very soon, please stay tuned for more news!