The low-threshold progress alternative

OVNS’s OEM service suits for equipment manufacturers or trademark owners who want to test a target market with minor manufacturing quantities without extra risks, with low costs and a quick schedule.

OVNS’s OEM service means the development of products and certain regulators. At OVNS, we have developed several products, certain regulators and many other similar equipment. These products that already exist can be customized to correspond to your needs and sold as a part of your product.

What benefits does the OEM solution include?

1. OVNS guarantees the quality of your product – You can strengthen our marketing speech by telling your customers that your product uses Finnish, proven and high-quality Ouman regulators that are customized for the purpose.

2. As a customer, you do not need to worry about the development costs – High numbers of manufacturing aim to compensate the development costs. When there are no development costs, you start with an OEM solution quickly and easily even with small manufacturing numbers.

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