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Fantas AIO Vape Kit

Hands down the best vape for the price. The 3 different power modes are very nice. It’s heavy(ish), made out of good materials from what I can tell. Battery will last you all day. The cloud production is good and the taste great. Would buy again over and over.

-Edvard G.

Great and compact product!

-Gwynneth J.

Lough Vape Kit

It is very comfortable to grip in hand, the button is easy to press, no worry about dry burnt.

-Crystal Smith

Nice POD System. Advanced material, comfortable feel


Saber Pod System

Great little vape!

I’ve switched from a pen vape to the Saber and I couldn’t be more pleased. The batteries are inexpensive, the cartridge are inexpensive and last some time, and the juice I purchased from myfreedomsmokers is great, too! I’m saving money and enjoying vaping even more!


I’ve tried a bunch of pod systems/high nicotine intended devices, and the Saber is my favorite. Perfect draw, flavor is nice, super simple, and the best part, ITS CHEAP.

I prefer this over my suorin drop. The drop has alot of cartridge connection problems, and I’ve had a misfire on my Saber.Great product!!

-Fern G.

JC01 AIO Kit

I have been using these now for a few weeks and they by far are the compatible pods on the market for those of you that use that “thick” oil… They can be refilled at least three times, maybe more, but that’s as many times as I filled one pod. I highly recommend you’re giving me the shot they are worth every penny.

-Brett W.

This little vape is smooth & cheap.

The pods last a good while (hard to say how long because my usage is not consistent). This really helped me cut down on my smoking & I’m about to order another one.

-Ashley S.